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Who we are

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The Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders of Chalkida was founded in 2009 in Chalkida by relatives of people with dementia. It is a Non-Profit Association and a member of the Panhellenic Federation of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders.

With respect for the human being and scientific knowledge, we plan individual and group empowerment interventions and carry out actions to responsibly inform various groups (family caregivers, public officials and professionals, students, young people, the elderly, etc.).

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Our Aims

“We work to assess the impact of various changes in aging and to support seniors and family members involved in caring for them to have an active lifestyle that satisfies them. At the same time, we help minimize changes in the mood and behavior of people experiencing change, and we work with families and stakeholders to design appropriate living environments, produce new tools, and implement processes that allow individuals to function. well in their daily lives.

Care goals include:

  • Relationships based on empathy and trust.
  • Psychoeducation and promotion of self-care activities.
  • Routine-friendly and flexible environments.
  • Security for the person receiving the care and the person providing it.
  • Promoting bonds with a wider circle, for the individual and for the caregiver.
  • Good cooperation with services and professionals.

We also facilitate communication between family members by supporting the whole family in available options (support services, home help, claiming benefits and daily activities).”


The Association is included in the National Register of Private Sector Social Care Service Providers and in the Special Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations. Participates in the evaluation process of the NGO Thalis, with a very satisfactory score that indicates the quality of the services provided.


 It is the only organization in the Region of Central Greece that provides specialized services in matters of the elderly with specialization in dementia. All these years, it provides free psychosocial services free of charge to the elderly, the elderly with dementia and depression and their family members involved in their care, promoting the empowerment of the elderly and the fight against stigma and stereotypes around third Age.


 The organization works with dedication to its vision to create structures and processes that support active aging involving all age groups. Support from the local community is very important in this project. The work of the organization in Central Greece, which has left an indelible mark, could not be carried out without the remarkable supporters of the organization, members, volunteers, local government, Region, sponsors and major donors.

In order to maximize its multilevel work, the Hellenic Society of Alzheimer’s Disease and Congenital Disorders of Chalkida cooperates with the Municipalities of the prefecture of Evia and the social structures of the Region of Central Greece and at the same time offers its services to KAPI, Nursing Homes. P.Y., in the area of ​​Evia. He has collaborated with university institutions in the country, including the Medical School of the Aristotle University and the Department of Management of Aging and Chronic Diseases of the Open University, in the context of student internships.