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Mental Resilience

Mental Resilience


The family is a basic cell of coexistence. The increase in life expectancy has changed the structure of the modern family. A positive element of this change is that children have the opportunity to acquire supplies from previous generations, living with their grandparents.

On the other hand, the complexity of modern living conditions and adverse socio-economic conditions threaten the supportive role of the family, leading individuals to deal with various stressful situations on their own. At the same time, families are being challenged to address the challenges of chronic illness and the common disease of aging, with increased demands on all members. Facing the challenges of a chronic situation affects communication and family organization.

The positive contribution to the life of the elderly comes from spouses, adult children, grandchildren, nieces, spiritual children and the close friendly environment. Durability refers to the resources we acquire individually and as a group from the management of everyday challenges.


The project “Innovative tools for the cultivation of mental resilience in households where 3 generations live” is implemented within the program “Support Points” with the support of TIMA Charitable Foundation, in a joint initiative of 8 institutions to implement small actions with great social impact.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are members of 8 households of three generations living in Evia and Boeotia and are a total of 49 people, aged 18-65 at a rate of 39%, elderly at a rate of 26% and minors 35%.

From the project, through structured consultations and feedback procedures, a guide to mental resilience tools for households where the three generations coexist will emerge. With the project material, members of three generations of households and professionals working with families will be able to:

  • Recognize the contribution of all people living together in the care of the elderly.
  • They have at their disposal innovative tools that can be used to empower members of three generations of households.

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