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Caregiver training and support program

Caregiver training and support program


The object of the action is the free education (modern and asynchronous tele-education) and support of caregivers of people with dementia who live in the Region of Central Greece.

The program, lasting a total of eight (8) weeks, will include online seminars, which will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) as well as individual or group psychological support sessions. It will focus on the special needs of carers, providing:

  • Access to essential information on dementia symptoms, progression and available treatments.
  • Specific skills that allow effective treatment of the physical, psychological and financial burden of dementia.
  • Individual and / or group psychological support sessions.

At the same time, the appropriate knowledge will be given to prevent the consequences of a possible new wave of the pandemic on mental health.

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Caregiver training and support program

Target Audience

The action “LEARNING TO CARE… people with dementia” is addressed to:

Objectives of the program

People involved in the care of people with dementia formally or informally, through training seminars will learn:

By attending individual and / or group sessions, caregivers will be able to:


Implementing body of the action “LEARNING TO CARE… people with dementia”, is defined the Structure “BRIDGE” of the Regional Development Fund of Central Greece.

The scientific support of the program is provided by the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders of Chalkida.

Participation fee

Beneficiaries participate in the program free of charge as their participation is provided free of charge.

The resources for the implementation of the action are borne by the budget of the Act “Structure of support of social inclusion actions – BRIDGE”, with Κ.Α. 2016EP05610024 and OPS code 5001973 of the OP. “Central Greece 2014-2020”, Work Package 2 (WP 2) “Intervention-support” and in particular P2.2 “Support needs recording services – Intervention Services”.
Important Dates

Registrations: expired
Program Duration: expired

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