Festival of creating games for patients with dementia.
We play, create and build life bridges!

Bridge Games Life Bridges is a separate intergenerational program that starts with Bridge Game Jam, a game-making festival for dementia patients and the elderly and continues with visits to young people in nursing homes, OEPC (Open Elderly Protection Center) and hospitals to build bridges through the new games between generations. This innovative program was created by Challedu and the Greek Association of Alzheimer’ s Disease and Related Disorders (of) Chalkida.

Bridge Game Jam is a three-day joy and play party that brings together senior citizens, young game makers, carers, health scientists, dementia patients, students and students. Participants have the opportunity to interact without age, feel the warm and joyful atmosphere of the game, share stories, learn about dementia, create games and try playing with the people they empower.

Bridge Plus is a continuation of the festival where the toys created in it are transferred to nursing homes, hospitals, Alzheimer’s and OEPC (Open Elderly Protection Center) patient associations to build stronger bonds between young and old patients.

The first Bridge Game Jam – Bridges Games of Life was held in Chalkida in December 2017 with the success and participation of 140 people of all ages who shared toys and smiles. Visits to structures that accommodate older people have already begun in the Evia region.




Dementia is one of the most common causes of disability in the Third Age. It affects both memory and other higher functions that affect the daily functioning of patients. According to World Alzheimer’s Report, 2015 dementia patients in Greece reached 197,000 and it is estimated that by 2050 they will exceed 354,000.

The action is a comprehensive program of information, interaction and game-creation tools that are designed to empower dementia patients and socialize older people. It is a unique opportunity for young people, seniors, scientists, carers and patients to interact, have fun, play and create tools for their future.

What Are the Benefits Of Bridge Game Jam?
  • Participants will be introduced to issues related to dementia, patient care, patient communication, and the role that play can play.
  • Patients with dementia, their carers and specialist speakers will experience a unique creative interaction experience. They will analyze the needs of young creators and build toys and tools for their daily lives.
  • Young people will take on the role of creators, interact with specialist scientists, patients and carers, discover new professional and creative outlets, and create games with a social vision and impact.
  • Most importantly, it will create the conditions for different generations to bridge the gap by playing.
What are the benefits of Bridge Plus?
  • Patients with dementia, the elderly and older people living or working in structures such as hospitals, nursing homes, OEPC (Open Elderly Protection Center), organizations dealing with dementia will have the opportunity to meet, interact and play with young people, students and students. and life.
  • Young people will be informed about issues related to the elderly, and will get to know, communicate, interact with patients and the elderly through play by building bridges between generations.

The first Bridge Game Jam – Life Bridge Games was already held in Chalkida, December 8-10, 2017, with huge success and over 140 participants of all ages. Then, Bridge Plus started, during which a visit to the Chalkis Metropolitan Nursing Home was visited by the Chalkis Evening Gymnasium.

Here you can find the Results of Bridge Game Jam

Here are the slideshows of the games created in the first Bridge Game Jam